Chipp Workshop & Hackathon:
AI for Nonprofits

Join the virtual workshop February 20th. Enter the hackathon February 20th - March 3rd.

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Integrate AI - We'll Help

Joseph Smalzer, host of the GTZP podcast, and Scott Holdman, leading nonprofit consultant, join Chipp to help integrate AI into your nonprofit in our online workshop February 20th at 11:30am Central. We'll share the top ways nonprofits are using AI to save time and increase their impact.

Following the workshop, use your new knowledge to create a custom ChatGPT for your organization using Chipp. Share it on X or LinkedIn with the hashtag #buildwithchipp to win.

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What's a GPT?

GPTs are the custom chatbots that can now be trained on your own data and knowledge.

When you build a Custom GPT with ChatGPT, only paid ChatGPT users can access it. You can’t even see who uses it. Chipp fixes this.

Here's an example of a custom GPT built with Chipp. This helps you write your next grant application. Click here to try it out and then build one for your organization.


What to Build

Build a custom GPT. Chipp will help.

Using Chipp, you can easily create a branded ChatGPT application. Chipp uses OpenAI Assistant’s API to help you build quickly.

Click Get Started. Then explore and build an application that benefits nonprofits.


Your project should be deployed using Chipp.

Winners will be selected based on: creativity, ease-of-use, and usage.

Each participant is allowed to submit up to 5 use cases.


Simply share your project on X (Twitter) or Linkedin using hashtag #buildwithchipp and then fill out the entry submission form below.

Make sure you include a brief video or text & screenshot demo showcasing your project and the URL to your hosted assistant.

Get your URL by clicking the Share button in the playground.


Grand Prize
Bonus Category:
Grant Writing
Bonus Category:
Social Media
Bonus Category:
Administrative Tasks
Participation Award:
20% Off DonorDock
Best Donor Development Award: 
1-year subscription to DonorDock Essentials ($1548 Value)
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Tutorials To Get You Started

How to Build and Deploy a custom ChatGPT application with Chipp

Whether you are an AI expert or just AI curious, you are encouraged to join the hackathon.


Build a new revenue stream and connect with leading industry judges.

How Chipp helps

What's Chipp? The easiest way to build, share, and sell AI apps

Build apps & assistants with prompts & files

Write a prompt, train it on your own knowledge, content, docs and data.

Design your first AI app in minutes

Add your logo, colors, give it a name.

Share your apps in collections

Bring together multiple app with a cohesive interface that reflects your brand's style - all accessible via one link.

Grow your email list & sell your AI tools

Collect emails, charge users, and upsell to other services and products.

Embed & bundle apps to add AI to your products

Copy paste iframes to add AI apps into your courses, website, Notion docs & services.