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Chipp provides a straightforward way to accept payments, so I could recover costs of my API calls. Chipp helps free up development and testing time.

John Goodhue built LawPromptAI with Bubble to help other attorneys with intellectual property questions. He uses Chipp to manage usage and identify which lawyers could be potential referrals.

Robby Doyle built Taxie, a GPT to help with tax advice. He connected to Chipp with Nuxt and could immediately offer his users free token and upgrade them to paid packages.

I've dealt with payment stuff before and just seeing Chipp load everything was like, 'OK, this is great.' It was even faster than I thought.

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Chipp is free to install with 0% transaction fees. Get paid straight to your Stripe account.

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Our basic plan provides everything you need to make money from your app with no upfront or monthly cost.

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Our pro plan is coming soon. It includes everything in the basic plan plus:

GPT Hackathon: Build and Sell AI Assistants

Join the virtual hackathon November 16-30. Use Chipp's platform to create and monetize an OpenAI Assistant. Then, share with our expert judges in a simple Tweet or LinkedIn post to win.

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