AI for Nonprofits

Use AI to work efficiently, increase donations, apply for grants, and increase your impact.

Use Cases For AI in Nonprofits

Transform Your Nonprofit with AI: Empowering Change through Innovation

In the fast-evolving nonprofit sector, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to remarkable efficiency and scalability. AI offers the potential to maximize impact by streamlining operations, enhancing donor engagement, and ensuring resources are utilized effectively. Discover how integrating custom ChatGPTs into your nonprofit can revolutionize the way you work, from grant writing to board meetings.

AI-Driven Grant Writing: Unlock Potential Funding with Ease

The process of grant writing is critical yet time-consuming for nonprofits. AI can simplify this task by helping to draft compelling grant proposals, identify suitable funding opportunities, and ensure compliance with grant requirements. By employing a custom Grant Writer ChatGPT, nonprofits can increase their chances of securing vital funds, allowing more focus on their missions rather than administrative burdens.

Learn how to build a custom Grant Writer ChatGPT.

Streamline Board Meetings with AI

Effective board meetings are essential for the strategic direction and governance of any nonprofit. Creating agendas that address key issues while ensuring meetings run smoothly can be a challenge. AI can assist in drafting organized, focused board meeting agendas, ensuring that all critical points are covered efficiently. A Board Meeting Agenda Writer ChatGPT can automate this process, enabling leadership to concentrate on making impactful decisions.

Discover how to develop a custom Board Meeting Agenda Writer ChatGPT.

Enhance Fundraising Efforts with Tailored Funding Letters

Fundraising is the lifeline of nonprofit organizations. Crafting personalized, persuasive funding letters can significantly boost donation efforts. AI can play a pivotal role by generating customized letters that resonate with potential donors, highlighting the unique impact of their contributions. A Funding Letter Writer ChatGPT allows for quick production of tailored communication, increasing the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns.

Build your first custom Funding Letter Writer ChatGPT.

AI in Action for Nonprofits

In a workshop co-hosted by Joseph Smalzer and Scott Meyer, attendees were introduced to how AI can fundamentally alter the nonprofit landscape for the better. Joseph Smalzer, with his unique blend of business acumen and commitment to social impact, joined forces with Scott Meyer's technological expertise to offer invaluable insights into AI's potential within the sector. This collaboration underscored the importance of innovative tools in achieving operational efficiency and enhancing mission impact.

The workshop illuminated the path for nonprofit leaders interested in embracing AI-driven strategies. By demonstrating practical applications of AI, including custom GPTs tailored for specific nonprofit roles, they showcased the accessible nature of this technology in supporting meaningful change. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of how AI can not only streamline day-to-day tasks but also amplify their outreach and fundraising efforts.

Explore the workshops on AI for Nonprofits

Harnessing AI for Nonprofits

On February 20th, we hosted a live workshop all about AI for nonprofits. We not only talked about it but also built AI tools that could immediately be built internally.

AI for Nonprofits: Advanced Workshop

Our latest workshop shared how nonprofits can use the Step Framework to design AI tools for their colleagues and volunteers. Then we integrated automations with AI.

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