Harnessing AI for Nonprofits - A Live Workshop Review

AI helps nonprofits better fulfill their mission. This live workshop can help you get started building.


Scott Meyer
February 23, 2024

On February 20th, we hosted a live workshop all about AI for nonprofits. We not only talked about it but also built AI tools that could immediately be built internally.

Here is the video from the event as well as some key takeaways. We will be diving deeper in our Advanced AI for Nonprofits workshop on March 5th. Register here.

The Power of AI

AI boosts productivity by 40% and enhances creativity, making it a crucial tool for any organization. The Five Minute Method encourages users to try, apply, and amplify AI tools in their workflow. In the workshop, we reviewed key tools and immediately put them to use.

AI Frameworks

The workshop introduced the AI Sandwich model - an iterative, human-AI-human process. It also recommended the RIPE Framework for formulating AI prompts - clearing starting the Persona, Inquiry, Parameters, and Examples to guide the AI tool. Finally, the workshop emphasized the use of pre-trained AI tools, known as GPTs, to create consistent work with AI.

AI and Custom GPTs for Different Roles

Custom GPTs were introduced for various roles in nonprofits including grant writing, social media, administrative tasks, and board meeting planning. Attendees were encouraged to experiment and iterate these tools to suit their needs using Chipp, which enables anyone in the nonprofit from volunteers to staff to utilize a GPT.

Hackathon Announcement

The workshop concluded with the announcement of an exciting AI hackathon, encouraging participants to develop their own custom ChatGPT application. The hackathon promises cash prizes and recognition for creativity and ease-of-use.

Learn more on our GPT Hackathon page.

Nonprofits can leverage AI to streamline their operations and increase productivity. This workshop was a great step in that direction. You can go even further on March 5th as we dive into Advanced AI for Nonprofits. Register here.

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