AI for Nonprofits: Advanced Workshop

Our latest workshop shared how nonprofits can use the Step Framework to design AI tools for their colleagues and volunteers. Then we integrated automations with AI. Watch the replay to get started.


Scott Meyer
March 6, 2024

In this hands-on workshop, Scott Meyer and Joseph Smalzer, alongside some notable special guests, delve deep into how nonprofits can significantly amplify their impact and streamline operations using generative AI.

What We Covered

This session was not just about learning; it was about doing. Participants and viewers like you can get hands-on experience with advanced techniques in the world of AI, specifically tailored for nonprofit organizations.

In the workshop, we covered:

  1. Step Prompting to construct internal AI tools that can change the way your team works. Get your Guide to Step Prompting here.
  2. Zapier for creating seamless AI automations, making your operations more efficient and effective.

Get Started with AI in Your Nonprofit

Watch this workshop to create AI tools that are immediately implementable within your team.

Whether you're looking to enhance your nonprofit's capabilities or eager to understand the vast potential of AI in the nonprofit sector, this workshop provides an invaluable opportunity.

The session includes a corresponding hackathon exclusively designed for nonprofits, allowing you to integrate AI solutions during the session itself.

Don’t miss out on this chance to revolutionize your nonprofit with AI. Get started with Chipp at and unlock the full potential of AI for your organization.

Join us and make the leap towards a more efficient, impactful nonprofit with the power of generative AI.

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