HR screening and response assistant

Recruiting Revolutionized


The recruiting landscape is highly competitive and often inundated with voluminous applications, making it a challenge to identify and engage top talent efficiently.

  • Sifting through hundreds of resumes for multiple job openings
  • Ensuring consistent communication with all candidates
  • Automating the initial screening process to save time
  • Maintaining a personal touch while handling numerous applicants


Chipp transforms the recruitment process by introducing AI assistants that can perform several tasks, streamlining the hiring pipeline while maintaining a high level of candidate engagement.

  • Automatically parsing resumes and shortlisting candidates based on predefined criteria
  • Sending personalized updates and responses to candidates' inquiries
  • Conducting initial screening through AI-driven chats to assess candidate suitability
  • Scheduling interviews with candidates by coordinating with internal calendars


With Chipp, recruiting teams can focus on engaging with only the most promising candidates, ensuring that both the applicants and the company find the right fit.

  • 80% reduction in time-to-hire as Chipp assistants handle preliminary screenings
  • Increased candidate satisfaction with prompt, personalized communication
  • 50% more interviews scheduled, with AI ensuring no suitable candidate is overlooked

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