Personalised Wellness Coaching

Guide personalized life coaching, fitness, nutrition plans, promoting health and wellness.


Wellness coaching requires a personalized approach, but scaling services to accommodate more clients without losing the personal touch can be challenging.

  • Tailoring wellness plans to individual client needs
  • Tracking clients' progress and adjusting plans accordingly
  • Providing consistent motivation and support to clients
  • Handling administrative tasks without compromising client engagement


Chipp's AI capabilities enable wellness coaches to extend their reach by providing personalized and adaptive coaching experiences.

  • Developing custom wellness plans based on AI-driven assessments
  • Monitoring client progress with automated check-ins and adjusting plans in real-time
  • Sending motivational reminders and personalized feedback to clients
  • Managing appointment scheduling and follow-ups seamlessly


Coaches and clients benefit from a scalable, yet personalized, wellness coaching service that adapts to individual progress and needs.

  • Highly personalized coaching experiences, with plans evolving alongside client progress
  • Significant increase in client engagement, thanks to timely, automated interactions
  • Streamlined client management, allowing coaches to double their client base without additional administrative burden

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