Personalize Education with AI

AI helps teachers spend more time interacting with students. Save admin time and personalize education by integrating AI.

Use Cases For AI in Education

Create Projects Based on Student Interest

AI enables students to design their own projects. They can show they have learned a topic in a way that excites them. Best of all, the rubric for each project can be quickly generated so teachers can spend more time giving feedback and less time deciding how to grade.

Learn to build custom ChatGPTs for personalized projects.

Plan and Grade Lessons in Seconds

Teachers can quickly design lessons and grade a student’s work with AI. By delegating routine tasks to AI, teachers are free to spend more time on social-emotional learning and engaging in high-impact teaching.‍ 

Learn about custom ChatGPTs for lesson planning and grading.

Provide Personalized Tutors for Every Student

Teachers and TAs are not available 24/7. Thanks to AI, every student can enjoy a personalized tutor to help them learn and apply the curriculum. AI tutors can be trained on the curriculum, lectures from classes, and information from the Internet.

Build your first AI tutor.

AI in Action for Educators

AI is already being used by educators to transform learning. Let’s meet some of the educators taking advantage of AI so you can take their best ideas and apply them to your classroom.

AI for Personalized Education

“A system around personalization and helping discover opportunities will require AI.”

Kobus du Toit is an educator redefining learning in Cape Town, South Africa through his belief that your city can be your classroom. Discover how Kobus leverages AI and no-code tools to create vibrant learning ecosystems, emphasizing community engagement and personalized experiences. Through his work, Kobus is on a mission to create vibrant learning ecosystems that provides more opportunity and agency for young minds to craft lives of meaning.

Hear Kobus’ Story.

AI Connects Learning Across Students

“AI has the resources of the internet and is trained on how we facilitate, so it is kind, warm and has the tone of an educator. Plus it’s trained on hundred, thousands, or even millions of people and projects to help students concoct the ideas they want to do.”

Victor Saad is the trailblazer redefining education through the Experience Institute.

Victor has a unique approach to learning with the concept of "leaps." Hear how he is using the groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence in education through his leap coach, Zeze to change how companies train and inspire their employees.

Learn About Victor and Zeze.

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