💡Leaps, AI, and the Future of Education with Victor Saad | Chipp Builder Series

Discover how Victor, the visionary behind the Experience Institute, is reshaping education through transformative learning experiences called "leaps."


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

👋 Welcome to a riveting episode of the Chipp Builder Series, where Scott Meyer sits down with Victor Saad, the trailblazer redefining education through the Experience Institute.

💯 In this illuminating conversation, Victor shares insights into his unique approach to learning, the concept of "leaps," and the groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence in education through his leap coach, Zeze.


Zeze in Action

Don’t just hear about Zeze, try her out!

You can click here to take a leap with Zeze’s help. Let us know what you think to help Victor continue to improve the experience with Zeze.

🌟 Key Highlights

1. Leaps and Transformative Learning
Victor introduces the concept of "leaps," a framework designed to propel individuals from their comfort zone to the edge of their panic zone, fostering transformative learning experiences. Discover how this innovative approach is revolutionizing personal and professional growth.

2. Zone of Proximal Development
Drawing inspiration from Lev Vygotsky's zone of proximal development, Victor discusses the importance of navigating the learning zone—the sweet spot where growth and transformation happen. Learn how individuals can stretch themselves to achieve meaningful progress.

3. Zeze: Your Leap Coach
Victor unveils Zeze, the AI leap coach named after his mother. Explore how Zeze assists individuals in the leap process by engaging in meaningful conversations, providing prompts, and offering a plethora of ideas to widen their perspectives. Dive into the challenges and learnings of integrating AI into the education space.

4. The Leap Year Initiative
Looking ahead to 2024, Victor shares his vision for a leap year initiative. Explore how Experience Institute aims to leverage Zeze and host Leap Gatherings worldwide on February 29th, encouraging individuals to kickstart their own transformative journeys.

5. Join the Leap Movement
Aspiring leapers and education enthusiasts can participate in this movement by visiting and signing up to host a Leap Gathering. Victor emphasizes the power of community, collaboration, and support in the journey towards personal and professional growth.

Victor Saad's vision for the future of education is both inspiring and revolutionary. Through the Experience Institute, leaps, and the integration of AI with Zeze, he is paving the way for a more personalized and impactful learning experience. Join the leap movement and discover the endless possibilities that await in the realm of transformative education.

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