🎓 Revolutionizing Education in Cape Town with AI: Kobus du Toit's Vision

Kobus is on a mission to create vibrant learning ecosystems that empower young minds to design lives filled with meaning.


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

Kobus du Toit is Revolutionizing Education with AI and No-Code

🚀 Tune in to this Chipp Builder Series episode where we hear from Kobus du Toit, an educator redefining learning in Cape Town, South Africa through his belief that your city can be your classroom. Discover how Kobus leverages AI and no-code tools to create vibrant learning ecosystems, emphasizing community engagement and personalized experiences. Through his work, Kobus is on a mission to create vibrant learning ecosystems that provides more opportunity and agency for young minds to craft lives of meaning. 🌟


🔑 Key Highlights:

🌆 City as a Classroom
Kobus envisions turning Cape Town into a dynamic learning space, emphasizing the importance of community connection, hands-on experiences, and personalized learning beyond traditional exams.

🛠️ AI and No-Code Tools
Kobus discusses the rapid prototyping of ideas using AI built with Chipp, showcasing experiments like self-guided audio tours, AI co-pilots for careers, and building a marketplace—all aimed at making learning opportunities more accessible.

🧑💻 Taking Action with Technology
Kobus shares actionable steps, emphasizing the power of building in public, seeking feedback, and using AI and no-code tools to empower young people in navigating their learning journeys.

💯 AI No-Code Bootcamp in Cape Town
Learn about their upcoming AI no-code bootcamp, where Kobus collaborates with 100 Days of No Code to teach participants how to use AI and no-code tools, fostering a community-driven approach to launching ideas in just 25 days.


Kobus du Toit's innovative approach to education in Cape Town showcases the power of community, personalized learning, and technology. Follow his journey to reshape traditional paradigms and create meaningful, accessible learning experiences for all.

Watch the full interview for an in-depth exploration of Kobus's vision for education.


00:00 Introduction to Kobus and his work in Cape Town
01:04 The Future of Learning and the Need for Change
03:16 Using the City as a Classroom
06:35 Taking Action to Change Education
09:20 Using AI and No-Code Tools to Prototype Ideas
18:42 Upcoming AI No-Code Bootcamp

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