Customer Support Bot

Enhancing customer support with automated chatbots trained on your companies details.


Customer support centers strive to provide quick and effective resolutions to customer issues but often struggle with high ticket volumes and maintaining quality service.

  • Responding promptly to high volumes of customer queries
  • Providing personalized support across various communication channels
  • Gathering customer feedback to improve service
  • Ensuring support team’s access to up-to-date product information


Chipp empowers customer support teams with AI assistants that can respond to customer needs around the clock and streamline support operations. Train your chatbot on your companies documents so that it provides accurate responses to answer questions.

  • Instantly addressing common customer queries with accurate information
  • Offering personalized support by tapping into customer history and preferences
  • Collecting and analyzing customer feedback to inform service improvements
  • Keeping support teams informed with real-time updates on products and services


Businesses leveraging Chipp can ensure a superior customer support experience, with faster resolutions and a more personalized approach.

  • 24/7 customer support availability, with AI handling up to 70% of routine inquiries
  • Increased customer satisfaction scores, due to personalized and timely support
  • 30% decrease in average handle time, as AI assists with information retrieval and routine tasks

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