3x Team Onboarding

Streamlined team onboarding. Use a chatbot as a help desk so new team members can ask questions to find the right resources, people and processes.


Onboarding new team members is vital for their success and productivity but can be resource-intensive and inconsistent, affecting team cohesion and performance.

  • Providing comprehensive training materials to new hires
  • Tracking progress and understanding of company policies and procedures
  • Ensuring new team members feel welcomed and integrated
  • Managing paperwork and administrative tasks related to onboarding


With Chipp, companies can create an AI-facilitated onboarding experience that is both consistent and personalized, ensuring new hires are productive from day one.

  • Delivering customized onboarding programs based on role and department
  • Monitoring new hire progress with interactive check-ins and quizzes
  • Facilitating introductions and team interactions through scheduled virtual meetups
  • Automating administrative onboarding tasks and documentation management


Organizations can optimize the onboarding process, ensuring new employees are engaged and quickly become effective members of the team.

  • Accelerated ramp-up time for new hires, with structured, AI-guided training paths
  • Enhanced team cohesion, as new members are systematically integrated into the company culture
  • Reduction in HR workload, with up to 60% of onboarding tasks automated by Chipp

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