AI as a Time Traveling Accelerant - Ricky Tana + Erwin Blom

From Amsterdam to Syden, Erwin Blom and Ricky Tana are builders using AI to travel through time and accelerate the progress of entrepreneurs.


Scott Meyer
May 10, 2024

Our recent Chipp Builder Series brought together two remarkable minds, Erwin from Amsterdam and Ricky from Sydney. We discussed how AI fuels their creativity and helps navigate the business landscape. Check out the interview 👇

Highlights from the Conversation

Empowering Creators with AI

Erwin, a pioneer from the Netherlands, reminisces about the early days of the internet, drawing parallels with today's AI revolution. With AI and no-code tools, he illustrates the boundless possibilities for creators to bring complex ideas to life without the need for extensive resources—a true testament to the democratization of technology.

AI in the Hands of Social Entrepreneurs

From Down Under, Ricky shares his journey into the AI, aiming to streamline operations for emerging businesses through efficient AI-driven standard operating procedures. Ricky's vision of AI tools is to shorten the entrepreneurial learning curve, thus catalyzing the process from ideation to realization.

The Fine Art of Personalizing AI

Both guests unveiled their strategies for melding personal expertise with AI's vast capabilities, thus creating more tailored, impactful tools. Whether it's crafting a unique customer experience or simplifying complex business frameworks, their insights offer a blueprint for personalizing AI.

A Gateway to Innovation

The conversation delivered a powerful message: AI is not simply a tool but a gateway to untapped potential. Erwin and Ricky's narratives underscore the notion that, with AI, the barriers to entry for technological applications are lower than ever, unlocking new horizons for innovators worldwide.


The Chipp Builder Series doesn't just highlight individual achievements in AI; it showcases the broader impact of accessible technology on creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. Erwin and Ricky's stories are a clarion call to all potential builders: the future is yours to create.

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