AI for All - The New Chipp is Here

AI works best when it is personalized and integrated with your work. That's why we're launching new features to help you build a custom ChatGPT. Check out the new Chipp and meet our new friend, Chipp.


March 25, 2024

The Divided State of AI

It was the best of times and worst of times for AI…

“AI will change everything,” yet when we meet with individuals and businesses, most are not using AI consistently or strategically.

In the past three months, we have watched over 1200 people build AI tools with Chipp. They are building tools to help their friends and colleagues catch up to them or even get started with AI.

What’s more telling is the most popular AI apps aren’t about AI. Instead, they are helping with specific tasks - like training employees, tutoring students, coding medical procedures. AI is just helping them do that better.

AI for All

AI provides new capabilities that only some people are taking advantage of. We want to change that.

We believe in AI for All.

When AI is accessible, customizable, shareable, and affordable, more people will use AI. When more people use AI:

  • Our businesses work more efficiently
  • Our ideas become more creative
  • Our lives become a little bit easier

This core belief drives our work at Chipp. And, as of today, it drives our product, brand, and roadmap.

Chipp - The Easiest Way to Build, Share, and Sell AI Tools

Today, we take a big step forward toward AI for All.

You can now build custom ChatGPTs with Chipp. However, unlike ChatGPT and other GPT builders, you own what you build with Chipp. You can completely customize, integrate, and sell what you build.

Specifically, Chipp helps you:

  • Build a custom GPT with your knowledge and documents
  • Brand your AI tool with your color, logo, name, and voice
  • Share your GPT by embedding it into your website, course, Notion document or by simply sharing a link
  • Track who uses your GPT to generate leads and integrate with marketing
  • Sell access to your GPT on a pay-per-use or subscription basis

Let’s see the new Chipp in action:

The New Chipp in Action

Chipp is most commonly used to:

  • Generate leads for products and services
  • Increase sales conversion on a website
  • Create revenue by selling access to the AI tool

We took those key uses and made it easy for anyone to start.

Our champions are perfect examples of how Chipp is being used.

Meet the Chipp Champions

A number of our early users recently shared their experiences working with Chipp. Their work can help inspire you to take advantage of AI - in fields as varied as law, HVAC, education, and entrepreneurship.

Generating Leads for Executive Education

Victor Saad - Founder & CEO of Experience Institute

Victor Saad inspires companies to take a “leap” - pursuing new skills and a personal mission in their work. He founded Experience Institute to provide this engaging executive education to teams worldwide.

Learn how he built his AI tool, Zeze, to support Experience Institute’s work. Then, chat with Zeze here.

Supporting Entrepreneurs Around the World

Nikita Khandwala, Generalist World Team

Nikita Khandwala is helping generalists launch careers with their Generalist Career Builder. Using this tool powered by Chipp, non-traditional professionals can make sense of their squiggly career path and find new opportunities.

Finding Referrals and Sharing AI Knowledge with IP Lawyers

John Goodhue, Patent Attorney at Goodhue P.C.

John Goodhue literally wrote the book on prompting AI for legal questions. When Chipp launched, he was one of our earliest users, taking his knowledge and making it more accessible.

Now, lawyers can ask IP law questions at LawPromptAI. He can see who is using it and follow up for potential referrals.

Start Building with Chipp’s Template Library

The most common questions we get about building an AI tool is:

  • What should I use it for?
  • What should I say?

Our template library is here to help you answer just those questions.

Click through our new template library to see our most popular use cases. Then, find a popular prompt you want to use.

Copy the prompt and paste it into Chipp to quickly build your own version of the custom GPT. If you have a favorite prompt, you can add it to the library!

A few of our favorites include:

Meet Chipp

Adding new features is fun. Launching a rebrand is even more enjoyable, especially when it’s as cute and personable as our new friend: Chipp!

AI does not have to be a complex solution for techie coders. It also doesn’t need to be represented by a blue/purple ombre logo like almost every tool we see.

AI is for everyone. AI is our friend, a co-pilot that is fun, approachable, and ready to help. AI needs humans. It’s not a replacement but an augmentation that helps us better share and embrace our unique personality.

In short, AI is Chipp!

Chipp is our logo that represents everything we love about AI!

Connect with Chipp Around the Internet

Along with our new logo, you’ll see our new colors, human-first approach, and encouraging voice across our website and social channels starting today! We hope you’ll swing by and say hi to Chipp and the Chipp team!

  • Our website is here
  • Linkedin is here
  • X is here
  • You are welcome to join our community on Discord here

Start Building

You are an AI builder - you might not know it yet.

Chipp is here to help.

Head over to Chipp, create an account, and start building. You can use our templates and easy creation tools to get started. Then, just share a link or embed your custom ChatGPT into your website.

Before you know it, you’ll be saving time, generating leads, and creating new products.

AI truly is for everyone. We are excited to launch an updated version of Chipp to help this idea become a reality.

Start Swagging

Last but not least, join us!

Joining online is fun. Even more fun is joining with swag from Chipp!

Starting today, we are excited to launch The Chipp Shop! 🍟 (Not those kinds of chips😃).

Pick out your favorite shirt, hoodie, or sticker. As a small thanks for subscribing, please use the code LAUNCH20.

We can’t wait to see what you build and can’t wait to see Chipp out in the world!

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