Building MyFitnessPal with AI in Just ONE Minute

Ever thought building an AI app could be this quick? Well, hold onto your seats as we build a MyFitnessPal clone in 60 seconds!


Scott Meyer
May 22, 2024

Chipp makes it easy to build in minutes…or even seconds! In this video, Scott creates an AI-powered MyFitnessPal using Chipp in a minute.

Yes, you read that right—in just 60 seconds, you can have a fully functional app that tracks food, finds nutritional details, and can even be turned into a business. Let's break it down and show you how to do the same for your idea:

Step-by-Step Creation

Here’s how he creates his AI tool.

First, Scott navigates to the Chipp website and creates an account. He clicks “create” and names the application, paving the way for his AI-driven fitness tracking build.

Next, he types in simple instructions for the app. His clear, succinct directives include talking in short sentences and tracking food by asking users to describe it or upload a picture. Testing it on the right-hand side reveals the app’s ability to find the exact brand and nutritional details from a simple image upload.

Making It a Business

Turning this cool project into a business is surprisingly easy. Scott clicks “share,” creating a link he can share or an embed code he can add to his website. Chipp even offers functionalities to help sell the app! From choosing free credits to connecting Stripe and designing subscription packages, it's all just a few clicks away.

Finally, checking the website reveals that MyFitnessPal is live here. Each interaction depletes your credit balance, making it easy to monetize your app in no time.

Amaze your friends and boost your productivity by building your own AI-powered MyFitnessPal—just like Scott. Get started on Chipp.

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