Chipp.AI is Live - Watch What We've Learned

Early design partners have already helped us improve Chipp. Here's how we launched and what we have learned.


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

Chipp.AI is now live!

In less than two months, our team brought Chipp to life to make it easy for AI developers to get their first customers. The payment tool creates and manages credits for AI apps.

After half a day of getting feedback, we are already learning and making quick changes.

The Quiet Launch

We had September 22nd circled for weeks - pressure to focus on what matters most and get the product to our eager users.

Fortunately, our CTO Hunter has been here before. Having developed multiple startup MVPs, he preached the importance of customer feedback.

With that in mind, we decided to first share Chipp with our design partners and fellow members of our Buildspace and Founder University cohorts. They did not disappoint.

The Website Update

Serj and I started the morning with a website update:

We finalized pricing and gathered updated screenshots. We found value in working directly with customers on Discord throughout the design process, so we emphasized that users could now join fellow AI builders on our Chipp In Discord for support from us and their professional peers.

Then, we launched the site and asked for a roast.

You all did not disappoint 😆

We quickly edited based on the…productive feedback!

The User Sessions

As we quietly told our design partners we were live, we got our first view of users testing our site.

The feedback was immediate.

They HATED the immediate prompt to connect to Stripe. 😱

I especially loved this session where the user does everything possible to avoid the prompt we continually shove in their face. Sorry!

Fortunately, our dev team was ready. Hunter said “I’m going to take a quick run to think through this.”

What felt like minutes later, he was back and reworking the site to enable developers to use the tool without Stripe integration.

Key lesson: listen to what your users say and do!

With this change, users can now immediately create and manage credits, including giving their users free credits. When they want to get paid, they connect their Stripe account.

In retrospect, this makes total sense: make it easy for users to start. Of course, we wouldn’t have realized this without “listening.”

The Live Testing

While Hunter was hard at work online, Andre was shaking hands and kissing babies at Buildspace Season4 IRL! He traveled to San Francisco to work alongside 400+ other Buildspace alumni.

This event gave us a perfect opportunity to showcase Chipp to our target audience. He immediately got great feedback from fellow builders.

A big takeaway was the need to integrate with a low or no-code front-ends. One user mentioned they were using a Wix website and wanted to integrate. To do that, we would need a python PIP package.

Andre sprung into action! Before the end of the day, he had our PIP package ready so we could easily integrate with no-code front ends. We are testing now and will release alongside our Next.JS and Node.JS documentation.

The Launch Plan

Armed with our updated product, we will continue to improve for a big, public launch on Tuesday. For this launch, we will build:

  • A Product demo
  • Examples of how to use to build a no-code solution
  • A blog post on the “why” behind Chipp
  • Additional updates from our early users

We are now working to learn from our users. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Join us on Discord to ask questions, meet users, and share ideas
  2. Try Chipp - let us know what you thin

Thank you for your support as we launch and support AI builders looking to get their first customers!

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