Chipp Chatter - AI Safety, Google as the AI Fav, Allocation>Knowledge, and More

Enjoy a roundup of this week's must-see AI content including why safety concerns are overblown, how OpenAI grabbed its place as a consumer company, and how we are moving to an allocation economy. 🚀


Scott Meyer
May 28, 2024

AI is moving quickly. 💨

As an AI company, we can barely keep up, so I thought sharing our top learnings, thoughts, and updates each week in a simple round-up would be helpful. Let me know if you agree and what else you might want to see!

Without further ado, here are the highlights from the week that was in AI and Chipplandia and our spicy takes on what it actually means. 🌶️

AI Highlights from Around the Web

AI Safety Concerns Overblown

Sam Altman and Greg Brockman respond to key safety team members leaving OpenAI.

Explore the tweet

🌶️ OpenAI is firming focused on being a consumer company. We have over-emphasized safety concerns and should instead worry about opportunity cost of not adopting AI.

The Best Safety is Understanding - Now We Understand LLMs (better)

Anthropic released a groundbreaking paper peeking into how large language models - the computer of AI in a sense - actually work. Shockingly, we are not always sure how they get the answers they share. This paper is a big step towards better understanding. Read the blog post and paper.

🌶️ If we actually want safety, let’s start with understanding.

The AI Favorite is Google?

Google has unparalleled distribution, which it is now taking advantage of. Hemant argues that “when service is commoditized, the best network wins”.

Explore what he means in the tweet.

🌶️ Google can’t stop tripping over themselves, but the technology behind generative AI was literally invented there. With chips and users, it’s best positioned to win.

OpenAI is a Consumer Company

With the release of GPT-4.o, OpenAI shed its research background and embraced its future as a consumer tech platform. The fact that everyone will now have GPT-4 means the majority of people will truly experience AI for the first time in its full power. Both Dan Shipper and Ethan Mollick share this sentiment.

🌶️ OpenAI is grabbing every market it can. No more Mr. Nice Altman as the empire strikes back.

Allocation > Knowledge

It’s not what you know, it’s how you deploy what is known.

This framing from Dan Shipper is a great way to think about the future of work and worth.

🌶️ Generalists and liberal artists are primed to win in this future game of allocation.

Chipp Highlights

AI and the Future of Job Placement: Chipp Builder Series ft. Alessandro Lombardi

We chatted with Alessandro Lombardi, co-founder of an IT recruitment agency in Poland, who is using Chipp and AI to reimagine finding job opportunities.

Watch here.

Build an AI-powered MyFitnessPal in 60 Seconds

Scott demonstrates how to build an AI-powered MyFitnessPal app in less than a minute. Track your food, get nutritional details, and set up a business effortlessly. Learn how to share, sell, and create packages for your AI-powered app.

Watch here.

Personal Onboarding for All Paid Plans

Our mission at Chipp is to make AI accessible to everyone. That's why we now offer one-on-one support for all paid plans.

When you subscribe, you receive a one-hour onboarding call with Serj or Scott, helping you build and integrate your first Chipp chat with your business. This is an excellent chance to get started quickly and efficiently without the distractions of the AI zeitgeist. Serj and Scott are excited to connect with you all.

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