🎉 Chipp is 1 - Celebrate in the Chipp Challenge 🛠️

Over the next 15 days, we challenge you to build an AI assistant each day on Chipp. We will be sending everything you need. Help us celebrate our first birthday by building with us.

Scott Meyer
July 10, 2024

🎉 Chipp is one year old! 🎉

Over a year ago, Chipp started with this vague notion that AI could help everybody. We knew that if we could help people leverage AI, they could work more efficiently and live better lives.

A year later, we've helped over 60,000 people do just that. 👀

We're celebrating with our first-ever user conference on July 25th in Fargo—register here! We know that not everyone can make it to the great city of Fargo this summer, so we were trying to think about how we can celebrate with our users and the people who support us.

Celebrating with the Chipp Challenge

Fortunately, one of our users, Erwin in the Netherlands, stepped forward. He said he would challenge people who had subscribed to his newsletter to build one assistant on Chipp every day for 15 days (he suggested 31 days initially! 👇).

We couldn't let this opportunity pass.

We decided to join Erwin and the challenge he created here.

Starting today, we are the Chipp Challenge - launch 15 assistants in 15 days to celebrate (almost) 15 months of Chipp’s existence.

How to Participate in the Chipp Challenge

Every day, we will share a Chipp Chat - or AI assistant - that you can build. Subscribe right here to join in:

We'll email you everything you need to do:

  • Tutorials on how to build
  • Prompts, which are simple instructions for the AI tool, that you can copy and paste
  • Guide on how to share or sell it and the value that it could have to you
  • Blueprint of how to use it to grow or build a business.

At the end of 15 days, we'll pick our three favorites that people have built and award Chipp swag, free access to Chipp, and a lot of love on our builder series YouTube channel.

Join Us and Build the Future of AI for All

We would love for you to participate.

Subscribe here and share what you build.

You can tag @chippdotai on X and LinkedIn so that we can find your assistants and enter you in our big finish, which we will announce, of course, at Chipp Con Fargo on July 25th.

We're so thankful for all of your support, ideas, and love over the past year as we've navigated this new world of AI and how we can make it more accessible for everyone. We're really excited about what's to come, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Let’s build! 💪

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