Chipp Launch: Image Recognition

Learn how you can get started using Image Recognition, our newest Chipp feature!


Scott Meyer
April 1, 2024

Chipp makes AI accessible and applicable to everyday life. In this YouTube video, we introduce you to our newest, most innovative feature: Image Recognition.

Image recognition enables you to upload a picture and talk about it with AI.

  • Take a picture of homework and get help
  • Upload a photo from social media of someone’s desk setup and see how much it costs
  • Take a selfie with your fridge and get ideas for what to cook.

You can get creative!

To demonstrate how you can utilize this feature in your own building journey, Serj and Scott created a few examples:

🎒📚 School Buddy, which streamlines parent-school communication
🪑🤔 IKEA furniture instructor, that helps you assemble that stubborn IKEA furniture
🖥️💲Desk Setup Estimate Assistant, which instantaneously provides you a cost estimate of your favorite Youtuber’s tech setup.

Check them out in our latest video:

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