Chipp Now Accepts Social Videos 🎥

Chipp now reads and analyzes videos from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, providing you a quicker way to get information and build powerful apps.

Scott Meyer
June 27, 2024

Time to get social! 🙌

Chipp now accepts social videos! That means builders and users can just add a link to YouTube, TikTok, IG, and more.

That means you can easily:

1. Train your Chipp Chat on videos, including YouTube, TikTok, IG, and more. Immediately your chats will sound like you.

2. Summarize videos to quickly understand the contents and the most important time stamps to watch. Users can paste a link to any video they want.

3. Search videos for brand mentions. Quickly listen for mentions of your brand, competitors or just people and resources (or promo codes!) within a video.

We are focused on making it easy for you. So, here's how to do it in less than a minute using a chat we built in minutes!

How it Works

Train your chat with videos. Just click Knowledge Sources, select your channel, and paste a link!

Invite users to paste video links. You can prompt them to paste a link, and they can ask any questions about the video.

How could you use this new power?

  • Build a brand monitoring tool that companies purchase to track mentions of their products and their competitors
  • Create a YouTube tutor that summarizes long tutorials and videos into quick summaries and action steps
  • Check if a video is actually kid-friendly by adding a link and asking questions before your kids watch.

We can't wait to learn how you use social videos as a knowledge source.

And one more thing...UNLIMITED APPS

You get an app, you get an app, and you get an app!

Since our launch, we have limited apps by your plan. Now everyone can build as many apps as they want!

Jump in and create more apps today using your new social powers!

Try It Out Today

Head over to Chipp to take advantage of these new capabilities and many more coming soon! 👀

If you want to start learning from a video, just try out our new Chipp Social Chipp Chat!

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