Chipp Now Built on GPT-4o + 10k File Storage ⚡️

Chipp upgraded to the brand new OpenAI model: GPT-4o. This new model brings faster and better answers. Plus, with an API upgrade, you can now upload up to 10k files as training.


Scott Meyer
May 14, 2024

AI is moving at breakneck speed. Chipp makes it easy for you to keep up.

Less than 24 hours after OpenAI launched their brand new model, GPT-4o is now integrated into all Chipp apps, both free and paid users.

At the same time, we upgraded our API so you can upload up to 10,000 files for training your Chipp Chat and experience fewer bugs.

We are excited for you to create an app or use our Explore page to test it on an existing Chipp Chat.

Here’s the details on what’s new:

👋 Hello GPT-4o

Updated Model

OpenAI shared a massive spring announcement, including an updated model: GPT-4o.

This new model is faster and better.

GPT-4o is now the default model used for all new and existing Chipp apps. You don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this new model.

Continued Ownership and Customization

OpenAI also announced GPT-4 will soon be available for free users, and custom GPTs will be available for free users. Unlike OpenAI, Chipp will continue to enable anyone to build a custom GPT, even without a paid subscription.

In addition, you can brand, sell, and embed what you build. We look forward to continuing to integrate Chipp to make it the easiest way to get real business value from AI.

Updated Features - Coming When Available

OpenAI also showcased features that will soon become available, such as video vision and audio integration. These features are not yet available via the API, but we are building everything we need to offer you as soon as it becomes available.

🛠️ Hello Files and Stability

Not only is the model underlying Chipp updated, so is the API. We updated our API to the v2 OpenAI Assistants API. That means that Chipp now accepts up to 10,000 files for training and boasts improved stability.

Again, this new functionality is available for all new and existing Chipp Chats.

Adding knowledge sources for your Chipp Chats enables it to match your voice and leverage your unique expertise. We have seen users take advantage of this new file limit to:

🧠 Add knowledge management files in one click

🤝 Train customer support on previous support tickets

📧 Share example communications based on a large number of products

🦸‍♀️ Hello New Superpowers

We are excited to see how you will use these new superpowers.

You can now combine OpenAI’s speed and file capabilities with Chipp’s ability to brand, embed, share, and sell.

Let us know what else you need to embrace your inner superpower. Chipp is here to help! 🙌🚀

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