Chipp Raises $800k to Help Businesses Use AI

Chipp raised its pre-seed round from M25, Cambrian Ventures, and gener8tor 1889 to help it pursue its mission of AI for all.


Scott Meyer
February 15, 2024

Chipp is thrilled to announce we have raised a pre-seed round of $800,000. Our new partners include: M25, the lead investor from Chicago, Cambrian Ventures, from San Francisco, and gener8tor 1889 in Fargo. These investors are joining us in our mission to bring AI to all. Meet them here:

Finding Business Value from AI

It’s easy to use and play with AI.

It’s hard to get real business value from AI. That’s why we created Chipp. Try it here.

Chipp makes it easy to build a custom ChatGPT for your business. You can build it, brand it, share it and sell it.  Most importantly, anyone can use it, no paid subscription required.

Over 2,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, and educators are already using Chipp to generate leads, integrate AI workflows, and launch new product offerings.

Instead of explaining what Chipp is, why not try it! Here is our ‘Chipp Chat’ app about our pre-seed fundraising round and investors. Ask away!

Unlocking Growth for Chipp

Chipp will use this investment to improve its technology stack, including adding support for open-source LLMs, and to hire a founding engineer. The application is now open for the founding engineer position here.

Learning About AI with Chipp

You can work, smart and live well with just a little bit of AI, but it helps to have help integrating these tools into your business. Chipp will continue providing training, tutorials, and workshops to help you take advantage of AI. Make sure to subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel for the latest tutorials.

It’s an exciting day to share this big news. We now have the resources and mentorship to complement our talent and passion as we look to build the easiest way to integrate AI into your business.

We hope you will join us in our mission of AI for all and try out Chipp.

Chipp Chipp hooray! 🎉

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