Connect OpenAI Assistants with Chipp in Seconds ⚡️

Copy and paste your OpenAI API key and Assistant ID into Chipp to quickly migrate existing GPTs. Use this new integration for more models, additional metrics, and less congestion.


Scott Meyer
April 18, 2024

If you are an advanced GPT builder, we have big news for you: Chipp now offers OpenAI Assistants! 🤓⚡️

This new feature allows you to connect assistants you previously built on OpenAI with Chipp. That means you can now brand, embed, and even sell these assistants in seconds.

Want to get nerdier? You can build custom GPTs on Chipp and use your OpenAI API key. This allows advanced builders to track usage per key and avoid congestion.

Here’s the scoop and how you might use OpenAI Assistants:

💨🏃‍♀️ Quick Transfer: If you are an agency or prolific builder, you can now bring all of your GPTs into Chipp in seconds. Then add all the Chipp features you love like branding, easy share options, and payments.

🚀🗨️ Custom Models: Connecting OpenAI Assistants with Chipp allows you to choose your favorite OpenAI model.

⚡🤖 Fast-track Keys and Monitoring: Create API keys specific to each GPT so you can track usage and avoid congestion

Getting Started? Nothing to It.

With the OpenAI Assistant, you just need to copy your key and your Assistant ID from OpenAI and paste them into Chipp. In a few seconds, you'll be good to go.

This tutorial video walks you through the process:

Chipp makes it easy to build, share, and sell GPTs. Today, that power got just a little bit stronger and a whole lot easier. 💪

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