Create Images with Chipp - New Feature Launch 🖼️ 🚨

You can now generate images in Chipp, powered by DALL-E. Just ask for an image or photo and it will generate it for you. Great for marketing, education, and sparking creativity. See it in action.


Scott Meyer
April 4, 2024

Chipp has leveled up with a powerful new feature - image generation powered by DALL-E!

Now you can create stunning visuals directly within your Chipp conversations and workflows. Want to illustrate a blog post? Design marketing materials? Or simply explore your artistic side? Chipp's image generation makes it easy and fun.

Just provide a text prompt and watch as AI generates unique, vivid images based on your description. But the real magic happens when you integrate image generation into interactive experiences.

This demo showcases how an "Art Historian" bot can teach students about Cubism by generating Cubist renderings of everyday objects on the fly. This innovative fusion of visuals and conversation opens up endless possibilities for education, training, creative projects, and more.

Best of all, it's completely free to use on Chipp!

Unlock your imagination and see what you can create. Try the new image generation feature on Chipp today!

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