Helping Teachers Build with AI: Christel Guillen’s Journey into Custom GPTs

Dive into Christel Guillen's journey, highlighting how AI and custom GPTs can change the landscape of education in a post-pandemic world.


Scott Meyer
June 27, 2024

Welcome back to the Chipp Builder Series! Today, we're excited to introduce you to a remarkable AI educator, Christel Guillen. Hailing from the nation's capital before moving to the beaches of Miami, Christel is passionate about integrating AI into education, making it accessible for everyone.

Here’s the full interview 👇

How COVID Sparked a Need for Innovative Education

Christel Guillen explains how the pandemic accelerated the need for innovative solutions in education. Discover how AI is revolutionizing remote learning and addressing the challenges educators and students face.

Save Time, Teach Better

Christel discusses the power of AI in reducing teacher burnout by handling routine tasks. Find out how AI frees up time for educators to focus on creating engaging, personalized lessons.

Build with AI, One Step at a Time

Christel highlights how even simple tasks like creating recipes can evolve into more complex AI projects. Learn how to deepen your AI interactions for incredible results

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