Introducing Chipp.AI - the easiest payment solution for generative AI developers

Accept payments based on usage instead of monthly subscriptions with a simple copy and paste.


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

AI enables everyone to build.

Realizing the promise of this “builder economy” requires easy-to-use infrastructure. Currently, it’s neither easy nor practical to monetize AI apps.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Chipp.AI, the easiest payment solution for generative AI developers.

The Problem - Variable Costs, Fixed Income

AI developers have fixed income (monthly subscriptions) but variable costs (every question with OpenAI costs money).

This means developers either:

1. open-source their apps to avoid the headache
2. ask customers to add their own OpenAI API keys, which is a huge barrier to adoption
3. ask for a monthly subscription, creating an upfront barrier while increasing the risk of losing money

AI will increase the number of developers able to build their own applications. This will increase the demand for an alternative, AI-native payment solution.

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The Solution - Copy and Paste a Payment Solution Built for AI

Chipp.AI is the AI-native payment solution that helps builders build.

We give developers code to copy and paste into their apps. Then they can build payment plans based on usage, not time.

The developer uses the Chipp NPM/PIP package paired with our developer platform, utilizing a managed user database and Stripe integration. This enables builders to create, track, and utilize custom-created packages of “Chipps.” With these chipps, developers discover new insights about their application's use and customer behavior while creating a simple-to-understand payment system for their end user.

The result is similar to an old-school cell phone plan: monthly subscription plus data or a free trial for up to a certain number of questions before users are prompted to pay. Large companies like OpenAI and Intercom do this internally. Independent developers should be able to do the same.

Chipp.AI in Action

Chipp is perfect for AI developers building B2C apps. But rather than describe it in more details, let’s show you.

Our CTO, Hunter Hodnett, shows an early version of Chipp.AI in this video:

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