Invisible AI: Adding AI to Software without Scaring Users with Rob Burke

Rob Burke created a fortune-telling non-profit tool, just in time for April Fools Day. When not creating a new Zoltar, he is quietly integrating AI for non-profits. Learn more in this interview.


Scott Meyer
April 1, 2024

Ready to explore the cutting edge of AI and technology in the nonprofit world?

🌟 Join us for an engaging Chipp Builder interview with Rob Burke, the creative mind behind DonorDock's innovative approach to fundraising. From artist to CMO, Rob shares his journey and insights into leveraging AI to amplify impact, without scaring users. 👏

Discover how Rob's team is shaking up the nonprofit sector with groundbreaking ideas and seamless integration of AI tools. Get an exclusive sneak peek at their latest April Fool's Day surprise, Zoltar, a playful twist on fortune-telling for donors. 🔮

This interview is a must-watch for anyone curious about the intersection of technology and social good. You'll have some laughs and get a fortune too!

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