Live Demo of Chipp.AI

Chipp.AI is now live! Watch how it can help increase sales, save time, and uncover customer insights.


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

Chipp is live!

We have been working with beta testers and design partners to improve our payment engine. We are now excited to share it with the world.

👉 Try it out at:

Let’s see Chipp in action:

Why Chipp?

Chipp helps developers do three things really well:

  1. Make more money by moving users from a freemium to a pay-per-use model
  2. Save time by creating and managing the credit system users buy and use while on an application, including an easy checkout page and connection to Stripe
  3. Improve your strategy with user insights and analytics to discover how much a developer is making with each customer

Chipp is perfect for AI builders who need to charge per generation, per question, or per API call. Low-code builders who want to launch and monetize quickly are another great user.

Here’s a peek at the landing page and credit packages you can easily set up:

Chipp Documentation

Chipp is easy to integrate. We made documentation that you can quickly use to get started. We are ready for Javascript builders, with Python coming very soon.

👉 Read the documentation here.

Help Launch the Builder Economy

The world needs more software, but there aren’t enough developers to build it. That’s why we want to empower everyone to be a builder.

With Chipp, you can easily launch and monetize your ideas.

We invite you to join our community on Discord to ask questions, connect with fellow builders, and help us create the easiest way to charge for AI and low-code applications.

Welcome to Chipp!

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