One-Click Migration from OpenAI + New Nav

Now you can move OpenAI assistants to Chipp with one click. This moves files and prompts while giving the power of Chipp's branding, sharing, and selling. Plus, we updated our navigation bar.


Scott Meyer
April 29, 2024

The Chipp team is enjoying an offsite this week in Chicago, and you know what that means: new features! View them now on Chipp.

One-Click Migration Tool

We want to make it easy for anyone to move OpenAI assistants into Chipp. Today, we took that a step further by building our migration tool. Paste your OpenAI API key (or create a new one and paste it in) and then click on any assistants you want to migrate. This will automatically re-create your assistants as a Chipp Chat.

You can then make any edits on Chipp and use these chats just like you would with any other Chipp Chats. We will take care of all the billing. If, for any reason, you still want the conversations on your API key - maybe for tracking or billing purposes - you can still do that on Chipp as well.

Updated Navigation

Alongside our new migration tool, you will see an updated navigation. This simplifies the experience, helps you quickly find and build Chipp Chats, and makes it easier to upgrade your account.

Thank You from Chipp

We have much more in the works thanks to our time together. We are excited to share it with you in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for building with Chipp!

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