Our Chipp.AI Demo for Buildspace

In six weeks we went from idea to product as a part of Buildspace's bootcamp. Here's a demo of our progress.


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

Six weeks.

In six weeks, we went from an early idea to a funded startup. We are going live on Friday! (Psst, waitlist here)

We have updates coming before Friday, but here's a quick demo of the progress we made over six weeks with Chipp.AI, the easiest pay-per-generation payment solution for AI apps.

We created this demo for buildspace. During this six week sprint, we were a part of buildspace’s Nights & Weekends.

We demo-ed Chipp this past weekend as the final pitch day for the cohort. It went great! We showcased to dozens of app developers, and Andre from our team will be attending their in-person showcase this weekend to help onboard early users.

What a ride. More to come! 💪

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