Personal Onboarding for All Paid Users

Chipp now offers personal onboarding for all paid users. Choose any subscription and schedule a one-hour call to launch your first AI tool with expert support.


Scott Meyer
May 22, 2024

AI moves quickly. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to use AI. We call it AI for All.

That's why Chipp is now offering one-on-one support for all paid plans.

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AI for All in Action

When you subscribe to Chipp, you receive a one-hour white-glove onboarding with Serj or Scott.

In this call, we help you build and integrate your first Chipp chat with your business. Your subscription will have an immediate impact.

This is a great chance to quickly get started and learn what matters without the noise of the AI zeitgeist.

Serj and I could not be more excited to talk with everyone.

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We can't wait to meet.

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