💸 Revolutionizing Taxes with AI: A Chipp Champion Interview with Robby Doyle, Builder and Founder of Taxie 🚕

Robby Doyle is the creative mind behind the app "Taxie." Get the inside scoop on how Robby built Taxie and how Chipp helps him monetize.


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

Building AI Apps

Robby Doyle is one of those passionate builders, always experimenting and trying new technology. He has turned his interest to AI and found an interesting way to apply it: taxes!

Doyle is not a passionate accountant, but he had a lot of questions about taxes after getting married. Using AI he got all the answers he needed.

He wanted to make this useful resource easier for others to access, hence Taxie.

In this interview, Doyle highlights the power of building with AI and the importance of making complex information accessible to all.

Lessons From Robby Doyle

🔉In this interview Robby explains how Taxie is designed to provide speedy answers to your personal tax questions using the power of OpenAI. No more sifting through endless search results and articles; Taxie brings clarity to your tax concerns.

🤝 Robby shares insights into how he integrated Chipp into Taxie, making it more accessible and user-friendly by allowing users to pay as they go. In this video, he showcases the app in action, demonstrating how it can simplify the complex world of taxes and personal finance.

🌐 Visit Taxie at to explore this innovative app, ask your tax questions, and experience the benefits firsthand.

💡 Remember, even if you're new to coding or no-code solutions, now is the perfect time to start building and sharing your unique creations with the world. Be empowered to start your own building journey and create something amazing.

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