The Future of Coaching 🤝 AI Mastery with Jaymes O'Pheron | Chipp Builder Series

This custom GPT will enhance coaching experiences by augmenting human touch rather than replacing it! 💯


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

Join us as we talk to Jaymes O’Pheron, founder of Catalytic Conversations ( from Fargo, North Dakota who is at the forefront of digital wellness, helping people connect more effectively and avoid burnout caused by technology.

In this episode, Jaymes shares his journey to the world of AI and most his work developing a custom GPT specified for coaching. In this conversation, he explores the challenges of making AI behave authentically as a coach, emphasizing the importance of ethical frameworks and tailored questions.


Jaymes envisions a future where AI seamlessly integrates into coaching practices, facilitating rapid testing of scenarios and enhancing the existing coaching experience. He talks about the dynamic hybrid coaching environment, augmenting human touch rather than replacing it.

In the next six months, Jaymes aims to implement an API for progress tracking and personalized coaching, making coaching more accessible and efficient. He plans to bridge coaching sessions with AI, creating a high-touch, impactful coaching experience. 💯

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