The Future of Virtual Assistant Jobs in the Age of AI

Chipp's own VA turned operator talks about how AI has changed her work and what it means for the future of VA's and outsourced tasks. Enjoy this conversation from the frontlines of the future of work.


Scott Meyer
June 20, 2024

This Chipp Builder Series is unique because we turn the camera on our very own Joie Aquisap. Joie started as a virtual assistant for Chipp, transitioning into her current role as operations manager at Chipp.

As a virtual assistant, Joie has firsthand experience on how AI is not replacing jobs but transforming how tasks are executed. Join us in this conversation as we explore the impact of AI on the role of virtual assistants and what the future holds.

The Future of Virtual Assistants in an AI-Driven World

People are worried about AI replacing jobs. Virtual assistants might seem like a potential target for AI replacement. However, Joie highlights that AI pushes virtual assistants to elevate their skills.

By embracing AI, virtual assistants are better positioned to evolve with their roles and leverage technology to perform more effectively.

Discovering the Power of Custom AI Tools

One of the biggest learnings for Joie when she started at Chipp was her ability to train AI to help with her tasks. Initially, she was unfamiliar with the customization possibilities of AI. However, creating custom GPTs for specialized tasks has been a game-changer for her and points to a future where VAs will need to know how to perform tasks AND create AI tools to support their work.

Getting Started with AI as a Virtual Assistant

For virtual assistants looking to integrate AI into their workflow, Joie recommends starting with well-known tools like ChatGPT. This helps VAs speed their individual work. Then, VAs can create using tools like Chipp to create AI tools trained on a company’s own language, documents, and processes.

Prompting AI is both an art and a science. Through experimentation and continuous learning, virtual assistants can unlock AI's full potential, making it an indispensable asset in their toolkit.

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