The Ultimate Guide to AI and Podcasting with Chris Cownden

Discover how Chris Cownden transitioned from the culinary world to a successful career in podcasting with the help of AI, and how he's now empowering others to do the same.


Scott Meyer
June 4, 2024

Welcome back to the Chipp Builder Series! In this session, we explore the intersection of AI and podcasting with Chris Cownden, a former pastry chef who's now revolutionizing the podcast world with his no-code solutions. If you've ever thought about starting a podcast or incorporating AI into your existing one, this is the place to be!

Start Quicker with AI

A common question is: how do I start quicker with AI?

Chris explains that if you don't have an idea for a podcast, business, or any goal you might have, AI is the perfect solution. Give the AI a role, such as a podcast mentor, and get ideas for what you need. If you’re unsure about your next profession, you can say, "You’re an expert content creator," and the AI will help you by providing examples of what others have produced in the past. Essentially, the AI becomes your aspiration, guiding you through a mentorship-like process.

Podcasting for Career Growth

Why should people consider podcasting as a channel?

Chris highlights that many people start podcasts for various reasons, but for him, it was about career growth. Feeling lost in his career, Chris used podcasting to connect with industry experts—video marketers, entrepreneurs, and software founders—asking simple questions about growing a business. He leveraged the knowledge gained from these conversations to accelerate his own career. According to Chris, podcasting for career growth is highly effective and doesn’t require many interviews if done intensively in a short span of time.

Using AI to Personalize Content

How are students encouraged to use AI alongside what they are building?

While Chris isn't explicitly telling people to use AI yet, he acknowledges that the time will come. Many experts within the community just need an extra helping hand to build their own products. By sharing his journey and showing that it's possible to build a steady user base and launch successful podcasts in a shorter period of time, Chris hopes to lead by example. His goal is to help others create AI solutions to support their clients and replicate his success in their own lives. Podcasting is just one element of the broader picture.

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