Transforming Podcast Training Using AI with Shaun Bennett

Shaun Bennett outlines his path from a social entrepreneur to a pioneer in podcast training, leveraging AI.


Scott Meyer
May 16, 2024

In an era where everyone's voice can find a digital platform, Shaun Bennett, operating from the heart of South Yorkshire, shows us not just the power of the microphone but the potential of artificial intelligence to amplify voices worldwide. Listen in below and sign up for Podcast Aide here.

A Social Entrepreneur's Accidental Discovery

Shaun Bennett didn't set out to revolutionize podcast training. His journey began with a deep involvement in community radio, rooted in South Yorkshire, with a passion for supporting and encouraging social enterprises. It was this commitment that led him to meet Chris Cowden, and subsequently, Chipp - a meeting that would mark the beginning of an innovative venture into the world of AI-assisted podcast preparation.

The Birth of Podcast Aide

Podcast Aide is Bennett’s brainchild, designed to ease the journey of aspiring podcasters from concept to creation. This tool goes beyond traditional training methods by integrating AI into the learning process, breaking down podcast production into manageable, guided steps. Bennett’s approach seeks to pre-empt classroom learning, providing users with a tool that primes their creativity and knowledge before formal training begins.

The Chipp Difference

What sets Bennett's use of Chipp apart is its interactive nature. Rather than just providing answers, Chipp engages users in a conversation, asking for inputs and giving feedback, making the AI experience more collaborative and intuitive. This aspect is especially vital for Bennett, who emphasizes the importance of structure and thought in building with AI to maximize its benefits.

Challenges, Observations, and the Future

Bennett candidly shares his observations and surprises along the way, noting the significance of user feedback in perfecting Podcast Aide. He advocates for a 'seven out of ten is the new perfect' philosophy, emphasizing early release for real-world testing and improvement. Beyond just podcasting, Bennett is excited about the broader implications of AI in social entrepreneurship, underscoring AI's role in resource-strapped environments where innovation must outpace demand.

A Call to Action

Ending on an inspirational note, Bennett and Meyer discuss the limitless potential of AI for individuals hesitant to step into the world of technology. Bennett's message is clear: AI is not just for coders or tech experts; it's a tool that, when wielded with purpose, can unlock unimaginable possibilities for creators and entrepreneurs alike.

As Shaun Bennett continues to explore and expand the capabilities of Podcast Aide, his story serves as an example for future builders looking to navigate the intersection of AI and creative expression. Through Chipp, Bennett is not just simplifying podcast training; he's democratizing the airwaves, one AI interaction at a time.

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