50 Ways Nonprofits Can Use AI

AI helps nonprofits increase efficiency and impact. Find an idea from this list you can implement. Join our workshop on Feb. 20th to build with support.


Scott Meyer
March 26, 2024

AI enables organizations to work more efficiently and create more creative work. These two superpowers are perfect for nonprofits. AI can help nonprofits better use their resources and increase their impact on the world.

While AI is easy to play with, it’s hard to integrate for your entire team to use. To help you start with AI, we wanted to share the top 50 ways you can use AI as a nonprofit across 10 different categories. We even included a few custom ChatGPTs built on Chipp you can start using.

On February 20th, we are hosting a free workshop on AI for nonprofits, and we will go through some of the most popular AI tools. Join the free workshop to learn about AI and build these tools for your organization.

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AI for Nonprofit Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks are an easy place to get started with AI. Efficient administration ensures that resources are used wisely, communications are clear, and operations are seamless, freeing up the dreamers and doers to focus on making a real difference. Let's dive into some ways GPT can turbocharge your nonprofit's administrative tasks:

  1. Automate Email Responses: Save Time, Boost Efficiency

Automated responses aren't just about speed; they're your first handshake with potential volunteers, donors, and the curious minds reaching out. Let GPT craft personal and informative responses, making everyone feel heard and valued right from the start.

  1. Draft Policies and Procedures: Clarity Meets Compliance

Creating clear, comprehensive policies and procedures can be as fun as a visit to the dentist. Enter GPT: your policy-writing pal that helps ensure your nonprofit's operations are both efficient and up to snuff, without the headache.

  1. Generate Performance Reports: Insights at a Glance

Performance reports are vital for understanding impacts, learning, and growing. Use GPT to turn data into compelling stories of your nonprofit's achievements and areas for improvement, making it easier to share your journey with stakeholders.

  1. Interactive FAQ Sections: Instant Answers, Happy Visitors

Keep your website's FAQ section as lively and informative as a knowledgeable friend with GPT's help. It's like having an always-on assistant ready to clarify, explain, and guide your community through their queries.

  1. Streamline Meeting Minutes: Capture Discussions, Drive Actions

Forget the frantic note-taking during meetings. Let GPT summarize the key points, decisions, and action items, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and everyone stays on the same page.

Embracing these administrative innovations not only streamlines the mundane but also injects a bit of fun into the behind-the-scenes work, proving that administration in the nonprofit world can indeed be exciting and impactful.

AI for Nonprofit Marketing

Administration is an easy place to start. Marketing is a natural next step for integrating AI in a nonprofit. Let's explore how custom AI can be your trusty sidekick in crafting messages that resonate and inspire action!

  1. Social Media Campaigns: Engage and Inspire

Turn your social media into a beacon of hope and action with GPT-crafted posts. These campaigns can narrate your nonprofit's story, celebrate successes, and call your community to action, all while keeping them engaged and informed.

We have an AI tool already built for this. Try it here:

  1. Craft Engaging Blog Posts: Share Stories That Matter

Blogs are your nonprofit's voice, sharing deep dives into the lives changed, the challenges overcome, and the visions for a brighter future. GPT helps you tell these stories compellingly, drawing readers closer to your cause.We have an AI tool for this, too! Get started here:

  1. Personalized Email Campaigns: Connect on a New Level

Emails are personal letters to your supporters; GPT can help make them feel that way. Tailored updates and stories can make donors feel like they're truly part of your journey, fostering a deeper connection and commitment.

  1. Create Press Releases: Spread the Word Far and Wide

When you've got big news, a GPT-crafted press release can help shout it from the rooftops. Ensure your milestones, events, and breakthroughs get the attention they deserve, drawing in support and recognition from a broader audience.

  1. Design Promotional Materials: Catch Eyes, Capture Hearts

Flyers, brochures, and posters aren't just paper; they're invitations to join your cause. With GPT's help, create materials that inform and intrigue, drawing people in to learn more and get involved.Marketing, with a dash of GPT magic, isn't just about getting your nonprofit noticed; it's about building a community of supporters in an efficient way who believe in your cause and are ready to stand by your side. It's time to tell your story in a way that's impossible to ignore.

AI for Nonprofit Grant Writing

Grants help support an organization’s mission but often take time and effort to write. AI makes finding and applying for grants easier in minutes instead of days. Here are all the ways AI could help with grant writing.

  1. Write Grant Applications: Unlock Potential Funding

Crafting a grant application is an art and a science. GPT can help articulate your mission, detail your project's impact, and weave a narrative that aligns perfectly with funders' goals, increasing your chances of success. We have a Chipp Chat that can help you right now. Click here to get started:

  1. Budget Narratives for Proposals: Tell the Story Behind the Numbers

Numbers can tell powerful stories, especially in a budget narrative. Use GPT to break down your budget in a way that’s clear, compelling, and convincing, showing funders exactly how their support will be used.

  1. Draft Progress Reports: Showcase Your Impact

Keeping funders informed is key to maintaining their support. GPT can help you craft progress reports that highlight achievements, tackle challenges, and reaffirm your commitment to your goals, keeping the trust and the funds flowing.

  1. Create Grant Opportunity Database: Never Miss a Chance

With countless grant opportunities out there, GPT can help organize them into a handy database. Tailor it to your nonprofit’s focus, ensuring you always know what’s available and when to apply.

  1. Draft Letters of Inquiry: Open Doors to Opportunities

First impressions matter, and a well-crafted letter of inquiry can open doors. Let GPT help you introduce your nonprofit and its projects in a way that’s engaging, succinct, and tailored to potential funders’ interests.Grants aren't just about getting funds; they're about building partnerships that empower your nonprofit to do more good. With GPT’s assistance, you’re not just applying for grants; you’re unlocking a world of possibilities for growth and impact.

AI for Managing and Supporting Boards

AI helps you get more out of your boards. With a little AI, you can keep key members updated and use their knowledge to make impact. Here’s some of the best ways to use AI for boards.

  1. Prepare Board Meeting Agendas: Efficient Meetings Ahead

No more meandering meetings! With GPT's help, craft agendas that are clear, concise, and focused, ensuring that every board meeting is a step forward for your organization.

  1. Generate Briefing Documents: Inform and Empower

Knowledge is power, especially for board members. Use GPT to create briefing documents that distill complex issues into digestible insights, enabling informed decisions and strategic discussions.

  1. Board Member Orientation Materials: Welcome Aboard with Confidence

Welcoming new board members is crucial. GPT can assist in developing comprehensive orientation materials that cover everything from mission and values to roles and expectations, ensuring a smooth start to their journey.

  1. Draft Annual Reports for the Board: Celebrate Achievements, Plan for the Future

Annual reports are more than just a look back—they're a roadmap for what's ahead. GPT can help you compile these reports, showcasing the year's successes and setting the stage for future initiatives.

  1. Create Templates for Board Communication: Keep the Lines Open

Effective communication is key to a well-functioning board. GPT can help you design templates for regular updates, decision requests, and more, ensuring clarity and consistency in all communications.Your board is your steadfast crew in the vast ocean of nonprofit management. With GPT's assistance, you can ensure they're well-equipped, informed, and ready to lead your organization to new horizons.

AI for Hiring

Finding talent takes time and energy. AI will help you more quickly find, connect, and work with talent - both new employees and volunteers. Let’s look at how AI can help.

  1. Write Job Descriptions: Craft Your Call to Arms

Every quest starts with a call to arms, and job descriptions are just that. Let GPT help you write compelling descriptions that clearly convey the role, its impact, and the qualities of the ideal candidate, attracting the right heroes to your cause.

  1. Generate Interview Questions: Discover True Allies

The interview is your chance to discover who will stand tall beside you. Use GPT to formulate insightful questions that reveal not just skills, but alignment with your mission, values, and team dynamics.

  1. Craft Offer Letters and Employment Contracts: Seal the Alliance

When you've found your champions, a well-crafted offer letter can seal the alliance. GPT can help you create offer letters that are clear, welcoming, and inclusive of all necessary details, making the acceptance a moment of celebration.

  1. Develop Onboarding Materials: Equip Your Champions

he quest is just beginning, and your new team members need to be equipped. With GPT, develop onboarding materials that introduce them to the culture, mission, and the tools they'll need to embark on this journey with confidence.

  1. Automate Responses to Applicants: Honor Those Who Answered the Call

Every hero who answers the call deserves recognition, even those who won't join this quest. GPT can assist in crafting respectful, encouraging automated responses that leave a positive impression of your nonprofit.Recruiting for a nonprofit isn't just about filling roles; it's about gathering a fellowship committed to a cause greater than themselves. With GPT's aid, your hiring process can be a journey of discovery, bringing together a team not just equipped with skills, but ignited by passion.

AI for Nonprofit Strategy

In the vibrant world of nonprofits, strategy is the compass that guides every decision, action, and investment towards the ultimate treasure: impact. It's about setting a course that navigates through challenges and seizes opportunities, all while staying true to your mission. Imagine GPT as your strategic first mate, offering insights, generating plans, and helping chart a course that ensures your nonprofit not only survives but thrives. Let’s set sail and discover how GPT can amplify your strategic planning!

  1. Conduct SWOT Analyses

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with GPT by your side, conducting SWOT analyses that uncover your nonprofit's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It's like finding a treasure map that shows you where to dig deeper and where to be cautious.

  1. Strategic Goal-Setting Templates

Setting strategic goals is akin to charting your course across the vast seas. GPT can help you create templates that ensure your goals are not just stars to reach for but achievable milestones that guide your nonprofit's journey.

  1. Craft Mission and Vision Statements

Your mission and vision are the North Star for your nonprofit, guiding every decision and action. Let GPT assist in crafting statements that resonate with the hearts of your team, your supporters, and the communities you serve.

  1. Develop Strategic Partnership Proposals

No ship sails alone on the high seas. GPT can help you draft proposals for strategic partnerships that bring together allies, pooling resources and strengths to tackle the challenges that no single organization can face alone.

  1. Analyze Feedback from Stakeholders

Listening to the voices of your community, donors, and beneficiaries is like consulting the winds and currents on your journey. Use GPT to analyze stakeholder feedback, ensuring your strategic decisions are informed, responsive, and impactful.In the quest for a better world, your nonprofit's strategy is what keeps the wind in your sails and the horizon in sight. With GPT's support, you're not just plotting a course; you're embarking on an epic voyage towards making a lasting difference.

AI for Data Analysis

Nonprofits have a treasure trove of data, ranging from donations to emails to activities and more. AI can help you search across all these platforms to identify insights. Here are some of the most exciting ways to use AI for data analysis.

  1. Generate Statistical Reports: Illuminate Your Impact

Transform data into compelling stories of change. With GPT, create statistical reports that quantify your nonprofit's achievements and highlight the human stories behind the numbers.

  1. Survey Questions for Data Collection: Gather Meaningful Insights

Craft surveys that dig deeper, asking the right questions to gather important insights. GPT can help design questions that are clear, engaging, and designed to uncover the real impact of your programs.

  1. Personalized Data Dashboards: Your Mission, Visualized

Imagine having a dashboard that reflects your nonprofit's heartbeat. GPT can guide the creation of personalized dashboards, showcasing key metrics that keep everyone, from staff to stakeholders, informed and aligned.

  1. Draft Analysis of Fundraising Campaigns: Strategize with Confidence

Every campaign tells a story. Use GPT to analyze your fundraising efforts, identifying what worked, what didn't, and how to adapt for even greater success in the future.

  1. Summarize Academic Research: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Stay ahead of the curve by integrating the latest research into your strategy. GPT can help summarize relevant studies, ensuring your nonprofit benefits from cutting-edge insights and best practices.Embracing data analysis with GPT isn't just about making sense of numbers; it's about crafting a strategy informed by clarity, driven by evidence, and dedicated to maximizing impact. Let the data lead the way to a brighter future for your cause!

AI for Donor Relations

AI can help stay connected with your biggest supporters. Donor relations is where the heart meets the mission. It's all about nurturing a community of supporters who feel deeply connected and committed to your cause. GPT can be your wizard in this enchanting process, helping to spellbind your donors with gratitude, updates, and engagement. Let's see how GPT can sprinkle some of that magic dust!

  1. Craft Personalized Thank-You Letters

Every donation is a story of generosity. Use GPT to craft thank-you letters that go beyond a generic thank-you, making each donor feel appreciated and part of your nonprofit's family.

  1. Generate Donor Update Newsletters

Keep the flame of engagement burning with newsletters that inform and inspire. GPT can help you share updates, successes, and heartfelt stories that remind donors of the difference they're making.

  1. Create Donor Surveys

Feedback is gold, and donor surveys are your mining tools. Use GPT to design surveys that gather valuable insights, helping to refine your strategies and deepen donor satisfaction.

  1. Draft Proposals for Major Gifts

Big dreams need big support. GPT can assist in crafting compelling proposals for major gifts, outlining visionary projects that invite donors to contribute to transformative change.

  1. Automate the Creation of Donor Profiles

Every donor has a unique journey. With GPT's help, automate the creation and updating of donor profiles, ensuring every communication is personalized and making them feel truly seen and valued.In the symphony of nonprofit work, donor relations is the melody that keeps the mission alive. With GPT's help, you can compose a masterpiece of connection and gratitude that resonates with every donor, ensuring the music never stops.

AI for Event Planning

Event planning is where missions meet the community, stories come to life, and support blossoms. These events are not just gatherings but powerful platforms for awareness, fundraising, and engagement. With GPT's help, the daunting event planning task transforms into an exciting journey of creativity and connection. Let's unveil how GPT can be your behind-the-scenes hero, making every event a standing ovation-worthy success!

  1. Generate Event Concepts

Every memorable event starts with a brilliant concept. GPT can help brainstorm creative and impactful event ideas that align with your mission, ensuring your events are both meaningful and unforgettable.

  1. Craft Event Agendas and Schedules

Timing is everything. Use GPT to design detailed agendas and schedules that keep your event running smoothly, ensuring every speaker, session, and break strikes a chord with your audience.

  1. Generate Promotional Content for Events

Let the world know about your event with compelling promotional content. GPT can assist in creating engaging emails, social media posts, and website updates that capture attention and inspire attendance.

  1. Create Scripts for Event Presentations

Every word counts. GPT can help script presentations that resonate deeply with your audience, ensuring your message is delivered effectively and your call to action is heard loud and clear.

  1. Design Event Feedback Surveys

The best events are those that evolve. Use GPT to craft thoughtful feedback surveys for your attendees, helping you gather insights to make your next event even more impactful.In the enchanting world of nonprofit event planning, GPT is your wand, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's not just about putting on an event; it's about creating experiences that stay with attendees long after the curtains close, driving forward your mission with every round of applause.

AI for Volunteer Management

Volunteers are great, but sometimes hard to manage. With GPT's ingenious capabilities, managing this incredible resource becomes more efficient and meaningful. Let's discover how GPT can revolutionize your volunteer management, turning enthusiasm into extraordinary outcomes!

  1. Recruit Volunteers through Social Media

In the digital age, your next wave of volunteers is just a post away. GPT can help craft engaging social media campaigns that not only highlight the needs and opportunities but also the immense value volunteers bring to your mission, attracting a diverse and dynamic volunteer force.

  1. Create Volunteer Training Materials

Well-prepared volunteers are the most effective. With GPT, develop comprehensive training materials that educate and inspire your volunteers, ensuring they feel confident, valued, and ready to make a difference from day one.

  1. Develop Volunteer Recognition Programs

Acknowledgment fuels motivation. Use GPT to design innovative volunteer recognition programs that celebrate your volunteers' hard work, dedication, and impact, fostering a culture of appreciation and loyalty.

  1. Automate Volunteer Scheduling and Reminders

Efficiency is key in volunteer management. GPT can assist in creating automated scheduling and reminder systems, ensuring volunteers are where they need to be, when they need to be there, without the hassle of manual coordination.

  1. Analyze Volunteer Engagement and Feedback

eedback is the compass for growth. Utilize GPT to analyze volunteer feedback, identifying strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance the volunteer experience, ensuring your volunteer program thrives and evolves.In the bustling ecosystem of nonprofit work, effective volunteer management is crucial. With GPT as your co-pilot, you can harness the power of technology to not only manage but also magnify the impact of your volunteers, turning goodwill into great achievements.

Taking Action in a Sea of Opportunity

These are just a few ideas. While the list may feel overwhelming, you don’t have to do everything! Find just one or two ideas that you can implement into your routine.The best organizations do two things with AI:

  1. Find a way to share what they are doing - often a shared document or lunch and learn meeting
  2. Provide time for employees to experiment with AI - a dedicated time frame or internal competition is always good

Take one of these ideas and try it out. Let us know how it works.Of course, Chipp is here to help. With Chipp you can create custom ChatGPTs for any of the above ideas. In fact, we have prompts in our Template Library you can copy and paste to start immediately.Join the Workshop to Get Started

If you want support, join us Tuesday February 20th at 11:30am Central to walk through building AI tools for some of the most popular use cases from the list. By the end of the hour, you will have at least one tool you can immediately use.

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