Unlock the Power of AI for Nonprofits: Join the Chipp GPT Workshop and Hackathon

February 20th we are teaching a workshop on AI for nonprofits. After the workshop, use your new skills to build an AI tool and win prizes.


Scott Meyer
March 25, 2024

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Nonprofits can amplify their impact and streamline their operations with generative AI.

Don’t just learn about it. Do it. Our hands-on workshop and hackathon is exclusively designed for nonprofits and will help you integrate AI during our session.

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About the AI Workshop and Hackathon

Chipp is partnering with Joseph Smalzer, host of the GTZP podcast, and Scott Holdman, expert nonprofit consultant, to help nonprofits adopt AI. February 20th, we kick off with a complimentary workshop where you'll gain the essential skills to harness AI effectively.

But that's just the beginning! Use the skills you learn and participate in our custom ChatGPT hackathon. You’ll have a chance to win prizes, all while being evaluated by some of the most esteemed technologists in the nonprofit sector.

Imagine having the power to craft a Custom GPT application explicitly tailored to your nonprofit's needs. The potential is limitless - from grant writing and social media management to administrative tasks. Plus, we’ll give you specific prompts and examples you can start with.

Click here to see a preview of a grant-writing GPT you could build.

Our virtual hackathon, running from February 20th to March 5th, offers you the unique opportunity to create your AI application using Chipp’s intuitive platform. Sharing your creation is as simple as a Tweet or LinkedIn post, tagged with #buildwithchipp, making you eligible for cash prizes of $500, $300, and $200 for the top three innovations. Plus, there are additional rewards for the most impactful GPT applications in various categories.

Start Leveraging AI

The Scotts and Joseph understand the challenges nonprofits face, and that’s why we’ve tailored this event to equip you with the tools and knowledge to leverage AI effectively without feeling overwhelmed.

Don't miss this chance to revolutionize your nonprofit's approach to technology. Whether well-versed in AI or just beginning your journey, the Chipp GPT Hackathon is the perfect platform to innovate, learn, and network. Mark your calendars for February 20th and be a part of what’s next for nonprofits.

Head to our AI Workshop page to learn more and reserve your free spot in the workshop and hackathon. Let's build, innovate, and transform the nonprofit landscape together!

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