gpt-4o is now available by default in all Chipp apps
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How Chipp helps

Build, share, and sell AI apps

Build apps & assistants with prompts & files

Write a prompt, train it on your own knowledge, content, docs and data.

Design your first AI app in minutes

Add your logo, colors, give it a name.

Share your apps in collections

Bring together multiple app with a cohesive interface that reflects your brand's style - all accessible via one link.

Grow your email list & sell your AI tools

Collect emails, charge users, and upsell to other services and products.

Embed & bundle apps to add AI to your products

Copy paste iframes to add AI apps into your courses, website, Notion docs & services.

Live Demo

Teach potential customers about your business with Chipp. Try it with us!

Improve internal workflows with AI tools everyone can use (even if they’re not technical). This Chipp Chat helps an organization write blogs.

Generate leads and integrate with your marketing automation. Zeze does this for Experience Institute.

Sell your GPT and get paid in Stripe. Charge a subscription, pay-per-use or both. CodifyPro does this for medical coding.

Dynamic FAQs
Internal Workflows
Generate Leads

Use Cases

Stories of Success

Chipp took something that was really complicated and made it super accessible.

VIEw Video
Victor Saad
|  Founder & CEO of Experience Institute
Stories of Success

Chipp provides a straightforward way to accept payments, so I could recover costs of my API calls. Chipp helps free up development and testing time.

VIEw Video
John Goodhue
|   Patent Attorney at Goodhue P.C.
Stories of Success

Chipp creates an awesome AI product and scales it super easily and quickly to hundreds of people.

VIEw Video
Nikita Khandwala
|   Generalist World Team
Stories of Success

Chipp is the Shopify of Generative AI

VIEw Video
Tyler Hansen
|   Sales Plumbing & Heating Wholesale

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